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No Man's Land

Can we claim incomprehensible things, like the surface of the skin, the waves of the sea or the soil of the land? 

Are these even ours to claim, or do they belong to no one? And what does it mean that people want to claim spaces for their own?

Set in an historical time where the appropriation of land is eerily topical, this exhibition combines the poetical and the critical, the concrete and the elusive. By layering images, focusing on transformation and storytelling, we raise questions about ownership, nationalism and restrictions. 
The exhibition takes the practical aspects of the Meldkamer as its guidelines, reflecting on the restrictions of ‘claiming this space’ and making it our own too.

Curated by Linda Köke, No man’s Land presents the works of Floor Martens, Pleun Moons, Karin Peulen and Sanne Vaassen, artists from the same geographical region who come together to question the appropriation of places.


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