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Witch stone and corn leaf
Tent close up

With a group of eight persons we started the experiment of creating a context in which art can hold a different position in our world. Instead of appreciating art as lifeless objects which are provided with explanations and meaning, we see the exhibition as a living entity. Instead of choosing a fixed subject for the exhibition we see another dynamic possibility. This exhibition can therefore be seen as a festival in the broad sense of the word: a moment when social constructions and assumptions can be thrown aside to make room for new possibilities. The 'ritual game' forms a backdrop for reflection on our relationship with art. The artists experiment with worship of objects, ceremony, performance, rituals and play. You may come and eat, make wishes and go to the end of the rainbow, which is also the beginning. You may even let go of your reason, your ratio, your mind and let your physical experience speak. We would like to invite you to join us in this experiment full of vulnerabilities and contradictions. To search together with us for that which 'cannot be touched', tabu, and which is or can become our most valuable (intangible) possession, sacra.

Tabu Sacra at Transport artspace Maastricht

Group exhibition with Beatrice Pittman, Didianne Leusink, Joep Caenen, Niekeline van der Kinderen and  Pleun Moons. Organized by Jop Delheij.

work: Tent, installation of lace fabrics, branches, wool blankets and candles, witch stones and cornleaves, Dahlia's and clay.

Pictures by Jonathan Widdershoven and Floor 

Supported by Mondriaan Fonds and Brand Cultuur Fonds.


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